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VFS Online Industry Lectures: Tina Merry - Directing the execution of AAA Video Game Development
Join creative technology consultant Tina Merry and explore the development process of AAA video games.

Vancouver Film School is proud to welcome Tina Merry for a lecture where you will explore project management and development of AAA video games.

Tina Merry has an extensive production track record in games and software development, directing and coaching large global teams under a distributed development team model. Shipping over 25 AAA video game titles across multiple platforms while working with recognized brands and organizations including FIFA, Electronic Arts, and King Activision, she has directed global business functions including Quality Assurance and Central Art.

Join Tina as she walks you through the process of AAA video game production, from concept to launch, from the perspective of a project leader such as a producer or development director. Topics will include terminology, project roles and phases, and an overview of project management methodologies in relation to game development.
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